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Taran's Mexico Wedding

#LBCBRIDE Taran for her wedding ceremony in Mexico! Her lehenga seems familiar, right? Taran's lehenga was created based off of Priyanka Chopra's wedding lehenga! A sindoori red lehenga with red embroidery, a classic vibe. For every bride who loves traditional customs and colours, a red lehenga is a dream pick. Check out the NDE and her beautiful pictures!

I just bought my wedding and reception outfits from Lavish and I couldn't be happier! The staff at Lavish are great, Mansha, Harpreet, and Kamal are all very insightful and helpful. They quickly understood what I was looking for and my personal style, and brought out outfits that were perfect for the location of my wedding as well as my taste. I would say I'm quite particular about what I like, and the team at Lavish really honed in on what I was looking for and really delivered. I highly recommend you make an appointment, you won't be disappointed!

Kelle and Jessie's Sikh Wedding

Here are some beautiful highlights captured by Vick Photography, of our lovely bride, Kelle on her wedding in Calgary!

Thank you for choosing Lavish Bridal Couture, it's always motivating to see our clients! Enjoy!

Jyoti and Perry's Mexico Wedding

We fell in love when we received Jyoti and Perry's wedding pictures! Don't you agree? We loved customzing both Jyoti's and Perry's outfits from scartch. Scroll down to view the design process!

Highly recommend any bride, groom and their family to come here for their bridal needs. They have beautiful collections of bridal wear and can work with you to custom make anything you want. I loved working with the Lavish team as they are very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

Sonia and Harpreet's Sikh Wedding

Lavish is a great place to get all of your Indian bridal wear. They have great customer service and make you feel very welcome. I can't wait until I wear my customized wedding lengha. If you're in Calgary, I highly recommend this bridal boutique.

Pam and Robbie's Destination Wedding and Reception

Here are some beautiful highlights captured by Karam Productions and Aziz Dhamani, of our stunning LBC couple for their wedding and reception in Mexico! Pam wanted to wear something light in color and weight, along with something elegant. Have a vision in mind for your wedding dresses? Book a consultation with our consultants to receive the best feedback, ideas, and opinions!

Depauli and Harman's Wedding and Reception

Our very first client when we first opened our doors in Novemeber 2017, Depauli and Harman! Here are some beautiful highlights captured by Alpha Video & Photography, of our stunning LBC couple for their wedding in Calgary and their reception in Vancouver! Thank you for choosing Lavish Bridal Couture to be a part of your BIG day!

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Ways to Coordinate Bride & Groom Outfits

Contrasting and matching have been trending for a while now but many couples find it hard to think of ways to do so. Everything looks better when coordinated, especially when it's on your big day! Here are some different ways that we find interesting in which you can contrast and match one another and have a picture-perfect wedding!

1. Match one of the bride's embroidery colour to the groom's outfit.

Image Credits: WedMeGood

This coordination is one of the hardest to find, yet the best one if done properly. The amount of embroidery colours is crazy and it almost gets very impossible to match the exact same embroidery colour with one another. However, if you go with customization, that makes it much easier. With this technique, you want to contrast the colour of the embroidery on the bride's outfit to the embroidery of the groom’s outfit. For instance, in the image above, the embroidery on the bride’s outfit is rose gold and the motifs on the sherwani are of the same colour. Another way to work with this technique is to get one motif made below the pocket on the sherwani made from the same embroidery material of the bride’s outfit.

2. Match the groom’s dupatta, pocket square and/or turban with the bride’s outfit fabric and colour.

Image Credits: Indian Wedding Buzz

Once the bride has picked her outfit, the groom can pick his outfit accordingly. To do this, pick a colour from the bride's outfit, whether that is the base colour, the motif detail, the trim, or the second dupatta and incorporate the colour into the groom’s outfit. For example, if the bride’s outfits has some red, the groom can go for a red outfit or a cream/off-white outfit with a red turban and dupatta. The goal is to select one colour from the bride’s outfit and incorporate it into the groom’s.

3. Coordinate using family colours.

Image Credits: Sabyasachi

This sort of combination is one that stands out and is very unique. Both the bride and groom should select a colour and play around with it. The idea is going from dark to light or vice versa, forming a shaded effect. You don’t want to pick two shades that are very similar - they should have an ombre effect. Some of the best colours that work best for this technique are peach, red, purple, green, blue, and pink. For example, in the image above, the bride and groom went tonal with green. This not only helps make both stand out equally but also looks very well coordinated.

3. Match the groom's jewellery to the bride's outfit colour.

Image Credits: Sabyasachi

Another way to coordinate is by matching the groom’s jewelry to the bride’s outfit colour. Groom’s are usually shy when it comes to dressing up, but girls, we can all admit how charming it is when a guy dresses up and adds those extra little things to his look! These extra little things can be something just as little as a necklace. For instance, the bride in the picture is wearing a maroon lehenga and the groom complimented by wearing a maroon necklace over an off-white sherwani. Not only did this give it a classy and elegant look, but it also balanced both the groom and bride. In order for the jewelry piece to stand out, make sure the groom wears a light coloured sherwani!

3. Contrast the bride's jewellery and outfit and match the jewellery colour to the groom's turban.

Image Credits: Sabyasachi

This is one of the creative ways to coordinate with one another! Here you first want to match a contrasted jewelry colour to the bride’s outfit. From there, take the colour of the jewelry and use that colour for the groom’s turban. This technique works best when your working with pastel colours!

3. Coordinate using complementary colours.

Image Credits: WedMeGood

With this technique, you want to choose two colours that are not necessarily matching but still look great together. This can be very eye-catching, however, be sure to choose the right colours. Contrasting pastels work well together and are very easy to work with. Some of the best pastel shades are power pinks and blues, salmon, lavender, or muted yellows. If you don’t want to go for pastels, here is another list of contrasting colours that work well together.

  1. If the bride is wearing red or maroon, the groom can opt for beige, white,  cream or peach
  2. If the bride is wearing hot pink, the groom can opt for beige, white, cream, light pink, mint green, royal blue, navy blue or emerald green
  3. If the bride is wearing pastel pink, the groom can opt for beige, white, cream, grey, black, navy blue, baby blue or mint green
  4. If the bride is wearing dark blue, the groom can opt for beige, white, cream, dark blue, pastel pink, peach, or light blue
  5. If the bride is wearing gold, the groom can opt for cream, white, emerald green, maroon, navy blue, black, purple, and pink

3. Match one of the bride's dupatta with the groom's sherwani and one dupatta with the churidar. 

Image Credits: WedMeGood

This technique only uses 2-3 colours and cross-coordinates with each other. In the image above, one of the bride’s dupatta is matched with the groom’s base colour and the other with the pajami. If you're looking to create a gentle, elegant coordination, this will be your best bet, as it uses few colours.

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We can all admit that those who are tall wanna be short, and those who are short wanna be tall and then there’s those that are perfectly fine. However, there is no right or wrong height but there is a way to dress for your height.

Petite Brides

Those who are smaller in height have all that advantage to wear any length of heel! But wedding shopping isn’t always easy for petite brides. Sometimes, the lehenga is too long, the blouses are enormous, and the dupatta just drowns you. With the right style tips and guidelines, your perfect wedding dress shopping can be done with ease. So, while shopping for your wedding dress, keep some of these tips in mind!

  1. Keep it simple: avoid oversized chunky embroidery, this will make you look overwhelmed and also keep borders to minimum
  2. The lehenga should be tied around your navel and should end a few inches below your feet - have at least 3-4 inches of space between the blouse and lehenga
  3. Avoid trails and puffy princess type of dresses
  4. Show off your neck and shoulders with modern cuts and necklines (halter, cold shoulders, boat neck, off-the-shoulder, illusion necklines, etc)
  5. Avoid large motifs, instead, go for patterned intricate embroidery
  6. Go for panelled lehenga to make you look taller
  7. Avoid stiff fabric (brocade, tissue)
  8. Try to wear a lehenga rather than a one-piece dress. The lehenga top and bottom gap helps pop out your upper body and lower body separately, whereas a one-piece may look a little unflattering
  9. Avoid low waistlines-help your overall look appear tall
  10. Opt accessories that will bring your outfit together. Jewelry helps provide a proportional look and attracts attention towards the face. However, don’t overdose on it, it will only make you look shorter! For example, don’t wear a rani-haar(long necklace) and a small necklace or if your wearing big earrings, go light on the necklace
  11. Make sure your dupatta isn’t too heavy. You can go for two dupatta’s, a lighter one for the head and the lehenga dupatta on the side or draped on your body
  12. Instead of a multicoloured outfit, go for with just one colour this gives the illusion of being taller
  13. Choose an outfit with front slits to add vertical lines giving the illusion of height
  14. Try outfits that are floor length and not ankle length


Image Credits: Indian Wedding Site and Aviraj Saluja

Tall Brides

Are you above the 5’5” height? Then high-five! Not many people have these genes! Taller people usually have many more options when deciding their wedding dress. Here are some tips for tall brides and how they can easily rock wearing each and every type of dress.

  1. Sarees make any women look gorgeous, but those who are tall have a high raise torso that gives you the advantage of flaunting your waist
  2. Long gowns with deep necks look stunning
  3. Lehenga with a short blouse enhance the tall body
  4. Two dupattas always look better
  5. Halter neck (according to body shape)
  6. Avoid high heels since you already have long legs
  7. Avoid extra embroidery to highlight your height
  8. Bright colours such as hot pink, bright red, coral, and blue seems perfect for taller girls
  9. Avoid wearing two colours, this breaks your height and makes you seem a bit shorter

Image Credits:

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