We all have to agree that women are the most beautiful creations of God and we must know what “the perfect fit” is. Your wedding is one of the biggest milestones in your life that you’ve been dreaming and planning about since childhood, whether that was playing dress up with your mom’s outfits or watching one of your favourite cousin getting married and saying “I can’t wait till I get married”.
The real difficult part is to choose the perfect wedding dress that suits your body shape. Style and body shape are essential things that should be prioritized when selecting your outfit - you want to look tall, and bold rather than someone unflattering. Each one of us is unique and have a specific body style, so we must be careful in deciding what clothing styles look better than the other on us.
To make things easier, here is a guide based on our experience for picking the right wedding dress. The 5 general categories of body shapes are:
  1. Hourglass
  2. Pear
  3. Rectangle
  4. Apple
  5. Inverted Triangle
HOURGLASS: Proportionate bust and hips, well-defined waist.
If you got this figure, girl you slayin!
Recommendation: Go for a tighter outfit style instead of something oversized or baggy. The objective is to show off those curves! Full-ghera lehenga, fish-cut, gown, or a saree drape are perfect styles for an hourglass figure. To make your figure stand out even more, choose solid colours as this will highlight your stunning body shape. Wearing outfits with either a deep back or a halter neck, rather than a fully covered neck will also help enhance your upper body and make you look even more attractive.
PEAR: Hips and thighs are a little bigger, small shoulders, bust and a long slim waist.
Girl, you have the same body type as Beyonce, don’t need to say more do I?
Recommendations: This is the most common body shape and wearing something that balances your body will be the perfect fit. Go for a detailed neck, for example, a boat neck or a ‘0’ neck so that your upper body is more volume. Take advantage of your slim waist by wearing a low waist lehenga but don’t add to much flare as this will make you appear out of shape. You could also wear long flowy outfits that highlight the slender wait. The key is to draw attention to your waist and upper body.
RECTANGLE: Shoulder, bust, waist, and hips are a similar size (usually small) – minimal curvature.
Got this body shape? Don’t be afraid because your shape can easily carry glamorous with just a little effort!
Recommendations: This body shape should focus on the toned stomach and well-defined arms. The perfect option would be to go for a floor-length anarkali suit, or a gown. Wear dresses with a belt or design around the waistline that will feature your waist – visually giving you a waistline. Avoid wearing an off-the-shoulder, halter top, and a tighter bottom, as these will make you look broader. Go for a detailed blouse with a ‘u’ shape or sweetheart neckline to highlight the upper body.
APPLE: Small to average bust, with weight around your midsection. Back appears a little wide and have little to no waist definition.
If you got this body shape, you don’t need to feel like you can’t dress to impress!
Recommendations: The most important guideline with this shape is to invest in a good bra to make the most out of your bust line. Longer tops with a ‘u’ or ‘v’ neckline will add balance throughout your body. Avoid stiff fabrics like, tissue and brocade as this will give you a bulky and flat look. A gown or anarkali with a design along the waistline will also enhance your upper torso, and the bottom flare will help hide your stomach and hip area. Always wear darker colours with intricate embroidery to bring attraction to the dress instead of the body shape.  You can also go for a lehenga with a longer blouse.
INVERTED TRIANGLE: Broad shoulders, smaller bust, straight waist, slim hips and long legs. Upper body is more visible than the bottom.
Those with this body shape are known to have a “athletic” figure or a “supermodel” figure, so don’t be afraid to highlight your best features!
Recommendations: Wear a lehenga with intricate details and a lot of flare to make your lower body seem fuller. Stay away from tops that are fully embellished and those with off-the-shoulder, and halter necklines as this will increase your shoulder width. Go for a sweetheart and round neckline with three-quarter sleeves. Clothing styles that are tighter towards the bottom should be avoided, for example, a fish-cut lehenga or fish-cut gowns since our main objective is to volumize the hips.